CLEMTH for Educators

CLEMTH for Educators

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Clemth is the ultimate solution for educators as it allows instructors high degree of customization to offer their unique courses to students with the following benefits:-

Easy to manage students

Clemth assists educators to easily manage students by placing them in batches and classes. Furthermore, educators can place students into multiple classes as well. The overall management of students is also super-easy for educators due to the simplicity of design.

Ease of communicating

Communication is the key to learning and communication does not mean only delivering the lessons. Hence, Clemth products provide features like task planning and to-do lists which are also a form of communication by educators that provide essential support in learning.

Rare insights of students

Educators need to know in-depth analysis and rare insight of students learning patterns to evaluate the performance and take corrective measures. Our solutions provide educators the most related rare insights of students that support educators in decision making.

Ease of taking exams

Taking exams and tests was never that easy before. Our solutions help educators to design tests and exams that can be easily taken and evaluated. Furthermore, the online exams depict the correct picture of the learning standard of every student.

Report Generations

Manual reports and double checking was a troublesome task for educators. However, our solutions provide great features for report generation. Reports generation helps educators to evaluate the performance of students from various angles. Furthermore, the generated reports can be shared through WhatsApp as well.

Track Student Activity

Our offerings allow educators to track student activity to understand the patterns of learning. An educator can easily track the status of student course, online status and the period for completion of course. Furthermore, an educator can track student to do list to completely analyze the situation from student’s point of view.

Schedule Online Exam

Educators can schedule online exam with difficulty level according to classes, batches or students. This increased controlled allow educators to access the learning outcomes of the students in more customized manners. Furthermore, this high degree of customization in exam keeps the interest of students. Above all, educators can create, conduct, and evaluate the online tests with some simple clicks.


Clemth provides solutions that are cost-effective for educators. These cost-effective solutions start a spiral of cost-effectiveness down the chain and everyone takes benefit from it. Educators get a good financial return from their services and students can learn on an affordable budget.

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