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Online Course


Instructors can create their online courses according to the needs of specific fields. We understand that a Yoga class can be different from a software coding class. Hence, Clemth solutions provide complete freedom for instructors to create their online courses.

Schedule Exam


Exams schedules are completely customizable and instructors can schedule exams according to the preparation and readiness of different batches or classrooms. This high degree of customizable freedom ensures that the results of exams are always best and according to wishes.

Student Management


Student management was never this easy before! Our development teams have specifically designed solutions by which instructors can easily do student management tasks like putting students in one or multiple batches.

Student Analytics


Student Analytics is a great feature that provides in-depth analysis and beneficial insights into the data of students. It provided exceptional support in taking corrective measures to ensure the achievement of desired results.


Online Training

Virtual Classroom is the key feature of our solutions. Virtual Classroom is way better than the physical classroom due to various reasons that include cost-effectiveness, management, comfort, and customizability.



Reporting of student performance is one of the most sought after features of our solutions. Reporting features allow instructors to generate reports based on batches and classrooms. Above all, the student report can be shared through Whatsapp.

Home work & Todo List


To-do lists and task lists are the key beneficial feature for students as well as instructors. It allows instructors to plan and communicate the study plan in advance. Moreover, it helps students to better plan their study routine.

Track Activity


Track Activity features provide rare insights to track student activity based on course. It ensures that no student is left behind on the course as the instructor as well as the student can easily take the corrective measures accordingly.

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